SOS, Save our State, is an environmental collaborative whose mission is to help nonprofits and funders speak with one voice about the need to address climate change. 
Our North Star:
We will speak with one voice about one issue:  climate change.
Every interaction with participants will suggest a specific
call to action.

About Us

In this time of climate disruption, we need to speak with one voice to change policy and practice! 


We each have worked for over twenty years for environmental causes.  We have realized that local environmentalists have been dispersing their energy and passion across a wide variety of projects.  This has resulted in a less focused appeal to lawmakers – allowing environmental opponents to drown out the messaging.  We strongly believe that, by working together, we can amplify the importance of key actions and capture the attention of critical decision makers.

Early efforts are already paying off.  As of January 2022, over 20 environmental nonprofits, justice groups, and faith-based communities have participated in SOS conversations and strategies to lower our carbon footprint in Connecticut. Our first call to action in November 2021 sent just under 4000 postcards to Governor Lamont saying he needed to do more, and a letter listing 15 executive actions he should take. The Governor responded with a first round of actions within the week. In December 2021, he announced 23 more.


We look forward to an increasingly focused voice, vision, and passion for the environment to shape and realize a collective vision.


Mally Cox-Chapman 

Ted Loewenthal

Sabina Shelby, 

Founders of SOS


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