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Grassroots Business Fund evolved out of the International Finance Corporation's Grassroots Business Initiative (GBI). GBF invests in high-impact businesses with operations in emerging markets to drive economic development and improve local standards of living for millions of people at the base of the economic pyramid. 

In addition to providing investment capital, GBF provides clients with business advisory services so they receive the information and expertise needed to overcome their challenges. The distinctive blend of investment capital and assistance to the investee companies is delivered through two main vehicles working together: a private investment fund, where Hampshire Foundation has invested, and a non-profit organization. 

Our Support:​

  • Investment: $225,000

  • Start Date: 2013

  • End Date: 2021

  • Region(s): Africa, Asia, & Latin America

Hartford Office 

151 New Park Ave, Ste. 7 

Hartford, CT 06016

Phone: 860.236.5751

Peru Office 

Calle las Gaviotas 122, Oficina 304

Surquillo, Lima, Perú

Teléfono: +511.4219627

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