Our Focus


It’s a decisive decade. We face a climate emergency. With human ingenuity and resolve, we can address it.

The investment needed will come from companies and governments, but philanthropy has a role to play in catalysing it.

Our priorities are to speed up the energy transition away from fossil fuels towards clean renewables, and to protect the land and forests which absorb carbon from our atmosphere. 

Global South


We fund partners across the globe: in high- and middle-income countries, where there are the highest greenhouse gas emissions, and in low-income countries, where there is the least amount of climate change funding available.



We fund Connecticut focused organizations whose goals are to support state, municipal,  and community-based initiatives  toward climate mitigation & sustainability.



Those most affected by climate change are those who are already economically disadvantaged.

Our livelihoods work supports a cadre of organisations that are helping rural communities and disadvantaged youth increase their incomes.