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Bridges to Prosperity has the mission to work with isolated communities to create access to healthcare, education and economic opportunities by building footbridges over impassable rivers. Bridges to Prosperity supports communities to design, build and maintain durable and environmentally sustainable pedestrian bridges to connect them to market centres, schools, health clinics and other services. Footbridges reduce physical isolation for rural communities, helping them to participate more actively in a broader labour market and to invest more in their farm production in order to increase incomes.

Our Support:

  • Grants Awarded: $125,000

  • Start Date: October 2019

  • End Date: Ongoing

  • Region(s): Rwanda & Uganda

Hartford Office 

151 New Park Ave, Ste. 7 

Hartford, CT 06016

Phone: 860.236.5751

Peru Office 

Calle las Gaviotas 122, Oficina 304

Surquillo, Lima, Perú

Teléfono: +511.4219627

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