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Muso recognizes that to save lives in the world’s poorest communities, a reactive model is not enough. Early access to care is crucial to survival. To address this challenge, Muso built a different kind of health system in Mali — one that removes barriers and brings care to patients proactively. They have demonstrated an ability to mobilize social networks that refer patients and ensure that children are brought in for care at the earliest signs of illness. In peri-urban communities where they operate, 88% of patients now access care within 48 hours. 


Our Support:

  • Grants Awarded: $100,000

  • Start Date: June 2017

  • End Date: June 2018

  • Region(s): Mali

Hartford Office 

151 New Park Ave, Ste. 7 

Hartford, CT 06016

Phone: 860.236.5751

Peru Office 

Calle las Gaviotas 122, Oficina 304

Surquillo, Lima, Perú

Teléfono: +511.4219627

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